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A super way to start out 2018? Take in the supermoon from your hot tub

December 29, 2017

December 29, 2017 – If you’re not big on fireworks on New Year’s Eve (or manage to stay up that late!), Mother Nature is offering up her own way to ring in 2018. And it would be perfect to enjoy it from your hot tub.

NASA reports that the year’s first full moon—also known as the wolf moon—will occur January 1st. It will also be a supermoon, which is truly a spectacular thing to behold. Supermoons appear about 14% bigger and 30% brighter in the night sky vs. a traditional full moon—nature’s own way of lighting up the heavens. (And, it will last much longer than fireworks to boot!)

The optimal time to view the supermoon is right after moonrise, just as it completes its appearance on the horizon. If the weather forecast holds up for the Pacific Northwest, it appears there will be an excellent chance to take in the supermoon with little or no overcast skies. That can only mean one thing: an excellent night to make your hot tub part of the New Year and enjoy the sky show above.

If you’re one to make New Year’s resolutions, make this the time that you commune with nature, commit to your 2018 goals, and reflect on the highlights of 2017. What a perfect way to start the beginning of a New Year!

Set your hot tub appointment calendar now for January 31st too, as we’ll be treated to a second supermoon, often referred to as a blue supermoon. This only happens in the same month about once every 2½ years. Let’s hope this bodes well for a year full of plenty, more peace and harmony, and kinder times for us all.

Happy New Year!