5 Tips To Make Your Hot Tubbing Better Than Ever

December 26, 2013

Happy couple soaking in hot tubThere are many ways to hot tub including just plopping yourself in hot water. Why not take a minute to see how to make your hot tubbing experience the best it can be.

Here are five tips to enhance your daily enjoyment of the best gift to yourself.

1. Right heat.

You’ll find your favorite temperature somewhere between 100° and 104° Fahrenheit. My husband and I enjoy slightly varying temperatures depending on the air temperature. The colder it is outside, the hotter we like it in the tub. Right now, it’s at 104° — hot at first touch, just right in a few minutes with the cool night air on our faces. In the summer, we turn it down.  An old teacher of mine said “consciousness loves contrast.”

2. Right mood.

In a hot tub, you can go from grumpy to mellow in a few minutes.  Two of my favorite times are right after a hard day at work and right before bed. We turn off the lights and gaze up at the night sky, trying to pick out the stars and the planets. Aromatherapy scents made especially for tub use can enhance the relaxation. Olympic Hot Tub’s estore offers the absolute best hot tub aromatherapy products, Spazzaz.. Colorful fragrant Spazazz Aromatherapy Crystals set the mood, arouse emotion, and relax your state of mind.

3. Right company. 

To me, much of the pleasure of hot tubbing is sharing the experience. I think the soothing warmth of the water is best enjoyed in the company of a loved one where we can take the time to soak together and enjoy quiet conversation.  My husband and I never run out of things to talk about in our Hot Spring Spa. It’s so relaxing that any potential disagreements wash away before they flare up.

4. Right drinks.

You need to stay hydrated, but alcohol won’t help. In fact, alcohol in the tub heightens some health risks. People who use it the first time they soak usually feel so bad later that they stop. Try light beverages, maybe some of the new relaxation drinks, to enhance the relaxation and detoxification benefits of hot tubbing. We like icy cold San Pellegrino or iced tea in summer.

5.  Right time.

Twenty minutes is about the right time to spend in one session. You’ll get the benefits of improved circulation, cardiac output, and detoxification. Don’t overdo the exposure to the heat. You can always come back later for a second or third dip!

A hot tub is the right investment for a relaxing vacation whenever you want it, steps from your back door. For less than a one-time visit to a spa resort or a foreign capital, a hot tub is a gift to yourself that you’ll open every day!

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RES EST SEVERA VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is a serious business!


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