4 Tips for A Memorable Thanksgiving in the Hot Tub

November 27, 2014

November 27, 2014

The traditional family gathering around the table reaches its peak at Thanksgiving, a good reason that November is National Family Stories Month. But a family circle in the hot tub can make memories any day without anyone’s slaving over a hot stove or washing a stack of dishes. Why not start a new tradition that brings everybody closer in a soothing natural environment?

Give thanks. Taking turns to count your blessings gives everybody a chance to be heard and fills the atmosphere with good feelings.

Tell the tales. Many family have lots of handed-down lore about pioneer ancestors, heroic courage in hard times, or just the story of how Mom and Dad met. The relaxed setting is a perfect place for narratives that start “Remember that time…?”

 Honor each other. It’s great to have everybody there for the recognition of a significant achievement or generous act. Sharing in the praise boosts the whole family’s pride.

 Relax. Time in the hot tub isn’t mostly about doing things – it’s about being together. Even the silent moments, with no sound but the jets of water, are strengthening those connections that family members feel for each other.

What’s your story? Chances are you can’t find a better place to tell it or a more appreciative audience than your family as you soak together.  

As the Romans said it, RES EST SERVA VOLUPTASPleasure is serious business.

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