What is SilkBalance? How Does it Work in Your Hot Tub? Everything You Want to Know!

olympic-silkbalance-ready-blogHere’s everything you’ve wanted to know about using  SilkBalance natural water care for your hot tub or spa.

#1 What is SilkBalance? What’s in it?

SilkBalance is laboratory-formulated blend of buffering and sequestering agents to balance water hot tub and spa water. This eliminates the need to test and adjust individual chemicals in the hot tub which many people have difficulty with. In addition, SilkBalance has several other additives, which act to preserve water in a fresh state and protect spa and hot tub components like heaters and pumps.

#2  How does SilkBalance work??

SilkBalance works by removing the food sources from the water that bacteria feed on in order to live and multiply. It also reduces the surface tension of the water making it very difficult for bacteria to form the protective slime around themselves called Biofilm. (Biofilm protects a bacterial colony so it can grow). The result when you use SilkBalance in your spa or hot tub? Little or no bacterial content is found in the water.

#3  Will SilkBalance sanitizer the water in my hot tub or spa?

No, however it does contain additives which act as passive biostat agents. They act as preservatives like the silver used in cosmetics to keep it fresh and safe for use.

#4  So, I still need to use a sanitizer in my hot tub or spa, right?

Yes, the use of a non-chlorine shock MPS after bathing eliminates the body wastes being left in the water like sweat, skin, hair, body lotions, dust, etc. that act as food for bacteria.

SilkBalance does not eliminate these.  If you do not have ozone or also use a mineral Ion cartridge, we recommend the use of a weekly dose of chlorine granules as a safety measure.

#5 What are the benefits of  SilkBalance?

It eliminates on average 15 minutes week you usually spend measuring adding and testing SilkBalanceBuyNow various products. This amounts to 13 hours over a year.

It eliminates having to buy and think about all of the balancing products. It’s simple to use. The peace of mind from knowing your hot tub water is always perfectly balanced is enormous.

Another major benefit is the elimination of bad or chemical odors in the water or that are left on the skin. Many women don’t like to use a spa frequently for this reason.

Lastly, by not requiring the high maintenance of a chlorine level in the water, the good bacteria on the skin is not affected and there is no dry, itchy feeling after leaving the spa. It’s proven safe for those who suffer from psoriasis. This benefit alone has enabled thousands of hot tub owners to use their spas again.

#6 Is SilkBalance safe?

SilkBalance meets all U.S. standards for safety and reliability. It’s been tested by dermatologists for skin safety as well. It’s safe for the environment because it’s made of natural ingredients. The water is even safe for pets to drink AND for watering your flower beds.

#7  Is SilkBalance expensive to use?

Think about why you purchased a hot tub in the first place. You want to relax and not have to hassle with water care. Your hot tub use is related to the relaxation factor and condition of the water. Itchy skin, bad smells, cloudy water all make hot tub use unsatisfying.  And, many people find the time and frustration so great that they give up using their hot tub altogether.

So is it expensive?

NO, not if you consider the time and frustration an issue.

NO,  not if you can’t use your hot tub because of skin irritation.

NO, not if you want to have the best water experience with no after effects like dry skin or chemical smells.

NO, not if you like the convenience and want the best possible product for your body to bathe in that’s all natural and safe for the environment.

#8 What’s the “catch”?

There is NO “catch”!

If the product doesn’t work to keep your water clean, clear and smelling good, if you don’t appreciate time saving and lack of frustration, and, if your skin doesn’t feel soft and smooth without itching or flaking after using your hot tub, return it for a FULL REFUND

What have you got to lose?

Stop soaking in a vat of chemicals. Make the switch to SilkBalance today! Available at Olympic Hot Tub Company’s estore for quick shipment anywhere in the U.S. and all Olympic Hot Tub stores.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.

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Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 27 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through water.

31 responses to “What is SilkBalance? How Does it Work in Your Hot Tub? Everything You Want to Know!

  1. Hello Laura:
    SilkBalance has salts in its formula which make your skin soft & smooth after soaking. You don’t need epsom salts in your hot tub when you use SilkBalance.
    Thanks for writing,

  2. Hello Martin:
    Quick answer: “No”. SilkBalance has a sequestering agent in its makeup. If you have excessive metals in your hot tub fill water, you might want to buy a Clean Screen Pre Filter to filter metals out of the water before they get into the tub. The tiny bit that might still be in the water will get handled by SilkBalance.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog. Link to buy a CleanScreen: https://www.olympichottubestore.com/clscpr.html
    Hope you give SilkBalance a try. I use it myself in my own tub & would never switch back to the “old” way of testing, chlorine, etc.

  3. Thanks. I ordered it today. I will let you know how it goes. My skin itches for three days after I get out of our tub. Hope this works.

  4. Dan:
    No need to use soft water when using SilkBalance. Your regular tap water sounds fine with 20ppm hardness.
    Thanks for your comment,

  5. How long before or after adding Silk Balance can I add chlorine? What Free chlorine level is too high to add Silk Balance (Brown residue)
    I use chlorine almost daily and need actual numbers to continue using my Silk Balance.

  6. Hi Sherry:
    SilkBalance works best with hot tubs that have circulation pumps for 24 hour filtration or if you have a 2-speed pump that you let run continuously on the low speed. If you only have one pump and it cycles on and off during the day, you could try SilkBalance and increase the number of cycles that your hot tub filters.
    There’s a money back guarantee, so you’ve everything to gain & nothing to lose.
    Thanks for writing..give SilkBalance a try. I use it in my own hot tub and love the results: soft, smooth skin and clear, clean water.
    Best wishes,

  7. Hi Dave:
    Add chlorine when you’re refilling your hot tub. Run the jets to get it into solution.
    Turn the jets OFF. THEN add SilkBalance and wait 4 hours before running the jets.
    The brown residue is caused by the SilkBalance not being 100% in solution and is drifting to the
    water line. How much chlorine are you adding daily? We recommend shock when you get out of the tub after each use and not chlorine.
    If you need a start up sheet on how to use SilkBalance, call our service center 206 431-2876.
    Best wishes,

  8. Thank you for your reply. I am testing a theory that I may have MPS sensitivity so I am using chlorine as my sanitizer. I try and keep a minimum level of 2PPM free chlorine level. With the Silk Balance instructions stating to not add the same day as chlorine I am trying to figure out how to keep using the Silk Balance product with chlorine as my sanitizer since I add chlorine daily (mostly because 24/7 ozone uses up free chlorine quickly).
    Is there an amount of Free Chlorine level that you should not add Silk Balance? I am trying to figure out how long before and after adding Silk Balance I can add chlorine. It is seeming like they are stating 24 hours???
    Any help is appreciated as I would like to continue using the Silk Balance for my wife.

  9. I’m new to taking care of a hot tub. We just cleaned and drained ours and started back with the Silk Balance. I was told to only add the shock after we get out of the tub like you mention above. So when I use a test strip to check the water balance should it show any level of chlorine in the water? Seems like there shouldn’t be since I don’t add it but is that safe? What should the levels be on the test strip?

    Thanks! Tasha

  10. Hi Dave:
    Quick question before I answer your chlorine questions.
    What brand of shock do you use? There are some brands that have fillers
    which are have caused skin rashes and general skin irritation. These are
    generally off-shore products sold in box stores, chains, etc.
    I want to get this right for you!!

  11. Hi Tasha:
    Glad you checked in to get the help you need.
    Here’s the scoop from our Olympic Hot Tub water care expert, Don Riling:
    1. The first problem here is you shouldn’t be using test strips to balance your water at all. If you’re balancing your water when it’s first filled, and then adding SilkBalance, it’s supposed to be getting rid of the need for testing. That’s the beauty of SilkBalance-no testing!
    2. IF you’re using a silver ion cartridge, then yes, you should add Shock after each use and run the Clean Cycle, or the jets for 10-15 minutes if there is no Clean Cycle on the tub. That would mean no chlorine level to test because you’re supposed to be sitting in virtually chlorine-free water.
    3. IF you are NOT using a silver ion cartridge, then you should be adding chlorine after each use instead. If it’s being added after each use, and you go out the next day and tries to test for chlorine, it’s likely not going to show much of a level in the water, as it has killed what was left from bodies being in the tub and partially (or entirely) dissipated overnight. (Especially true if there is an ozone system in the tub.) As long as the water is clear and chlorine is added after each use in this case, you shouldn’t have to worry about testing. And, you should be putting Shock in weekly with this regimen.

    If you purchased your tub and/or SilkBalance from Olympic Hot Tub, you should have received our water care card to follow for SilkBalance use. We have fine tuned and tweaked the instructions for our water in the Northwest (which is unique in the country), it is our governing advice on SilkBalance. If you’re reading the instructions with the bottle, you’ll only get confused. It is designed to try and address ALL types of water in ALL regions. Our card is specialized to our water in our area. We have been selling SilkBalance for almost 4 years and have thousands of hot tub owners using it in our area.

    If you need a water care card for SilkBalance or any other water care advice, call the Service Center today! 206 431-2876. We want you to experience hot tub care the easy way and there’s no other product as easy as SilkBalance.
    Happy soaking,

  12. Can you tell me more about what SilkBalance actually has in it? Your description says:

    It’s safe for the environment because it’s made of natural ingredients. The water is even safe for pets to drink AND for watering your flower beds.

    This sounds PERFECT. Is SilkBalance just natural salts and minerals? Thanks!

  13. Hi Debra:
    Thanks for writing. Yes, SilkBalance is all natural. There are 30 ingredients in the proprietary formula many of them are formulated to preserve water freshness. They act like a preservative in keeping water as fresh as it came from the tap preventing the build-up of bio-film which is the nesting ground for bacteria. SilkBalance is used as the only sanitizer in European hot tubs & spas. We do recommend either a small amount of chlorine (not noticeable for smell or feel) or shock to comply with EPA rules. I have used it in my own tub for three years and have loved the difference it has made on my skin and peace of mind. My hot tub is always clean and clear and ready to go whenever I want to take a dip.
    Try it! You’ll get it.
    Best wishes,

  14. Thanks so much Alice. That was just the info I was looking for. The words “SilkBalance is all natural” is what I wanted to hear. I don’t mind using a bit of chlorine, that’s fine. I just wanted to know that I wouldn’t be marinating myself in a toxic stew of chemicals! 🙂

    Thanks a bunch. I’ll definitely be using SilkBalance.

  15. Hi Debra:
    You are definitely doing a great thing for yourself & the planet by switching to SilkBalance.
    Absolutely no toxic chemicals.
    Thanks for the update,

  16. Is SilkBalance Clean Start environmentally safe or do you need to dispose of the water in a specific manner?

  17. Hello Rick:
    Thanks for checking in. SilkBalance Clean Start treatment in spa water can be disposed in the normal
    way including municipal sewer systems and will have no affect on the lawn or
    garden. This is really a great product which should be used at a minimum of once a year.

    Happy hot tubbing,

  18. Thanks Alice. I live on a lake. Although I would not drain the water directly into the lake, if I drain within 50 feet from a lake, could this potentially harm water life?

  19. Heelo Rick:
    I don’t think so..SilkBalance is safe enough for pets to drink by leaning over the edge of the hot tub
    & lapping up the water. 50′ away sounds very responsible.
    Thanks for writing.
    Happy hot tubbing,

  20. The following is an exchange beterrn me and Michael in Norman, Oklahoma:

    Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma- Hi Alice,
    I am very interested in your product. It may be the solution to terrible dry skin and itchiness that makes it so my wife and I cannot enjoy our hot tub at all. I used to use it almost everyday and now I can barely stand once a week. Carol hasn’t been in in over a month. So the sequence would be: You would drain the tub, use Spa Flush Put System Flush in spa before draining, run jets for an hour, let circulate over night, then drain and refill. Only 4oz needed at startup, then 2-4 oz each week depending on the size of your spa of SilkBalance. This occurs every 4 to 6 months. Then using spa shock or chlorine (not bromine?-never bromine!!!!) you would put in X amount to sanitize the water every time you use it. If you do not have an ozonator in your spa, you would need to put in Chlorine after every use. This quantity is so small that you do not have much smell or skin drying problem.
    If you have SilkBalance auto shipped you save about $30 with every treatment. So it ends up being about $378. per year. FREE shipping on SilkBalance from Olympic!!! Cost would be $169 per bottle either 2 or 3 times a yr, again depending on the size of your spa. We have a 2009 Morgan spa that has in-line bromine and mineral cartridges. Ion Cartridge is only needed in conjunction with an ozonator . Do I need to install a new filter? New filters are not necessary. I would recommend cleaning your current with a filter cleaner degreaser. Does the filter still need to be cleaned weekly? Our manufacturer recommends once a month. Check your owner’s manual.
    If I can eliminate all test strips and chemicals except for a small quantity of shock/chlorine/bromine then that helps deal with annual expense. That’s right!
    No need to test and no need for Alkalinity, Calcium Increaser or pH’s ups or downs. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you,

    Thanks for writing, Michael. I use SilkBalance in my own Hot Spring Spa.

  21. Hi and happy new year!

    We have been given / purchased a starter bottle of SilkBalance with the purchase of our new HotSprings (™)
    spa from Coleman Inc of Fort Worth Texas. Since the starter amount is about used up, we found your site and store, planning to buy additional supplies.

    Our instructions from the dealer were to use the SilkBalance product in the Filter Chamber, and to leave it in there for 24 hours before turning on the jets and using the spa. This seemed a bit restrictive to us (24 hours of not using spa) so we are wondering if this advice is appropriate for the product and for water in our area.

    Thanks and good health

  22. Hello Ed:
    Thanks for writing.
    We say 4 hours in the filter chamber before turning on the jets and using the spa.
    We are one of the top SilkBalance dealers in the country and this advice has given our
    customers the best success with the product. You are wise to keep using it for your spa.
    I’ve used it in my spa for almost 5 years and found it to be the best of any water care systems

    Happy soaking & we’ll look for your on our e-store: https://www.olympichottubestore.com/category-s/1891.htm
    We now offer the new 38oz size for home delivery.

    Write if you have any other questions.
    Happy soaking.

  23. While I know that bromine can be used with SilkBalance, it’s not considered ideal. I’m not 100% sure whether it can be used in a floater. Here is the specific statement from SilkBalance regarding bromine: https://silkbalance.com/faq/. You can learn more about the product at their site: silkbalance.com.

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