10 Tips for Hosting a Great S.A.L.A.D. (Saturday After Labor Day) Party

September 3, 2014

September 3, 2014

Hot-Spring-Highlife-2014-Grandee-NXT-Ice-Gray-Monteray-Gray-Detail-03-1024x767S.A.L.A.D Day

Enjoy a tub full of healthy refreshment this weekend

The Saturday After LAbor Day is coming up, with a perfect weather forecast for most of Puget Sound: sunny and 81. Call your friends and throw a S.A.L.A.D Day party.

1. Choose wisely.

Select the guests who enjoy a spa-centered event, and watch the numbers so your tub doesn’t get crowded. 

2. Offer sparkling water.

Make sure the water is already clear, and check your supply of SeaKlear clarifier and sanitizer on hand to keep the party clean.

3. Have an optional menu.

Just in case some unforeseen circumstance keeps you out of the tub, keep some other fun activities planned in reserve.

4. Eat light.

It’s a SALAD day, not a seven-course meal. Supply finger food like veggies and dip, skewered fresh fruit, chicken or shrimp kabobs, egg rolls, etc. And no chips in the water!

5. Drink light.OutCastSoundSystem

Soakers can stay hydrated with bottled waters, juices, and sodas, but no alcohol in the water – that mix means a major hangover. Save the wine, beer, and liquor for after.

6. Suit everyone.

Spare bathing suits for shy guests who “forget” theirs and wish they could join the fun will prove you’re the perfect host. On sale now at the end of the season.

7. Avoid a damper.

Stocking plenty of dry towels keeps the party going even when guests jump in, towel off, and repeat. Resupply by keeping the washer and dryer in service. Dry guests are happy guests, and safer for your carpet and upholstered furniture.

8. Spice it up.

Accent the hot tub theme with party favors, small door prizes, ducks for everyone to race, waterproof cards, floating checkerboards, etc. Hawaiian-style waterproof leis are a nice touch. For an evening party, consider lighting with solar-powered lanterns.

9. Sound off.

Choose a music soundtrack to set the tone. If your Hot Spring Spa has an iPod docking station, show it off. Make it an upbeat party. 

10. Enjoy yourself.

Your guest will take your cues – if you’re having fun, so will they. Lead the relaxation, and whatever comes up, go with the flow.

Such a S.A.L.A.D Day will leave everyone satisfied and make memories to last all year.

As the Romans said it, RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS. Pleasure is serious business.


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