10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hot Tub

January 22, 2013

No-Sign-What-You-Should-Never-Do-to-Your-Hot-TubWe get calls every day from Olympic hot tub customers who want to know what to do for their hot tubs.  The conversation frequently turns to what they didn’t do that led to the reason for their call.

So, hot tub owners, in the spirit of the New Year, our Service Center staff has compiled the top don’ts for your Hot Spring Spa!  Take heed & keep your hot tub in great working order and ready for a soak anytime you’re ready.

Here’s the list:

  1. Don’t turn the power off and leave your hot tub full of water, especially in the winter. You’re courting disaster if the temperature plummets. Repairing a frozen hot tub is costly! A Hot Spring Spa is engineered to run 24/7 at the lowest energy use of any spa. In case you’re looking at a frozen hot tub right now, call our Service Center 206 431-2876.
  2. Don’t leave your hot tub full & running if you’re not going to maintain the water. This is a sure fire way to end up with a stinky, unsanitary mess that will require a lot of work by you to clean up. (You could always hire our Valet Service~). Don’t know how to maintain the water? Call our Service Center now! 206 431-2876.
  3. Don’t let your hot tub cover get so heavy that it can’t be lifted. It takes the enjoyment out of using your hot tub, costs you money in extra heating costs and will damage the lifter.
  4. Don’t take the hot tub filters out of the filter compartment and forget to clean them before they dry out. You’ll be looking at purchasing new filters.
  5. Don’t forget to clean your filters every 2-3 months even if you aren’t using your hot tub and replace them every 2-2 ½ years. Clean filters are a must to maintain clean water.
  6. Don’t forget to change your silver ion cartridge every 4 months to maintain maximum efficiency and clean water.
  7. Don’t use the hot tub as a bathtub to clean off your dirt & grime. Shower before hot tubbing. As for bath additives, bubble bath is a no-no! No foam in the hot tub, please!
  8. Don’t forget to check your ozonator periodically to find out if it’s working.  Research indicates that up to 60% of older ozone generators are not producing sufficient levels of ozone for sanitation. The presence of bubbles from the spa’s ozone jet does not indicate adequate production of ozone. Is your ozone generator functioning properly? Find out now with an Ozone Detector.
  9. Don’t get into the hot tub if the water is green, has a musty smell or is overflowing with foam. That’s a sure sign that the water is not clean and sanitary.   Drain & refill and follow the start-up procedure for adding water care products.
  10. Don’t ever cover your hot tub with clear plastic or enclose it in a plastic green house. Plastic will magnify the sun’s rays and trap heat, which can cause the cover insulation to melt.


And, number 11, don’t forget to use it often!

Sanum Per Aqua. Latin for Health through Water


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