10 Reasons Why You Need A Covana Automated Hot Tub Cover/Privacy Gazebo

March 4, 2014

Covana in down and locked positionGet the under cover advantage with a Covana® automated gazebo/hot tub cover. It locks down as a high-efficiency hot tub cover. In the up position, the Covana is a stylish cabana while you’re hot tubbing. Turn the key, and it lowers to become the perfect lid to protect your tub between hot tubbing sessions. Up or down it’s easy, and secure and safe.

Here are the Top 10 reasons why you need a Covana on your hot tub:

10. Lift to Last

This is one tough cover. If you’ve purchased other hot tub covers, you know they don’t last. Covana is warranted for 10 years, hold 600 pounds of weight and withstand winds of 50 mph even in the cabana position. It’s perfect for heavy snow regioins.

9. Seal of Approval

A tight seal in the locked position keeps your hot tub water from evaporating and your perfectly balanced chemicals from escaping.  Covana owners are impressed with the easier hot tub maintenance. Fits all Hot Spring Spa models.

8. Hold the Heat

R-21 insulation energy efficiency will save you at least $100 a year. Now that’s an advantage!

7. Key AdvantageBuy a Covana automated Gazebo for your hot tub.

A turn of the key and technology handles the heavy lifting automatically. Ever struggled with a heavy, water logged hot tub cover? Save your back with A Covana. Hot tub owners report using their hot tubs more with a Covana because of the ease of use.

6. Opens Only for You

Only you h0ld the key to open your hot tub. Kids, strangers, and animals can’t get into the tub when its cover is locked down.

5. Long-Term Investment

You don’t have to worry about your tub when you’re away from home even if you’re away all winter. And, joy!, there’s no maintenance. Unlike flimsy wood gazebos which look shabby after a season in our climate, Covana keeps it’s good looks with no effort on your part!

4. Cozy Enclosure

Covana provides optional shades, screens, and murals to enhance your privacy and your hot tubbing experience.

Covana in up gazebo position with lights3. Lights, Covana, Action

Covana’s LED lighting in eight colors enhances the cool experience.

2. Under the Cover

Hot tubbing under the cabana is more romantic, keeps the rain off and helps you enjoy your hot tub in all weather. Studies of Covana owers show that they use their hot tubs more frequently because it’s more fun!

1. Lift Your Status

Your neighbors will wish they had one.  You’ll enjoy a more finished, upscale tub scape year round.

Run for cover. Covana – cover for you, cover for your tub.  If you haven’t seen a Covana in action, stop into any of our 5 Olympic Hot Tub locations.

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What’s New in Hot Tub Covers? Covana-The First Automated Hot Tub Cover/Gazebo.