Getting Ready for Your New Hot Tub

Hot Tub and Spa Installation

Getting Ready for Your New Hot Tub

Electrical Requirements

Make sure the required electrical service has been properly installed. Consult the Owner’s Manuals and Pre-delivery Instructions for your models.

Delivery Access

When your spa is delivered to your home, it will be transported in a delivery cart from the delivery truck to your chosen location. You want to make sure an adequate and safe delivery access for your hot tub is available.

First, locate the dimensions of your spa on the dimension chart. The dimensions shown are the measurements of the spa in the vertical position on the delivery cart. Allow additional overhead clearance if the spa will be rolled up an incline or moved up a short flight of stairs. Keep in mind that the spa should be on the delivery cart at all times. You may have to remove a gate or partially dismantle a fence in order to provide an unobstructed passageway.

Planning the Path to Use

Use the following checklist when planning the path to use:

  • How is your width clearance?
  • Check all gates
  • Are there protruding electric meters?
  • Gas meters?
  • Air-conditioning units?
  • Potted plants?
  • Potting sheds?
  • Other yard paraphernalia?
  • Do you have sufficient overhead clearance?

Check low roof eaves, overhanging branches, rain gutters

  • Is the path clear?

Move away branches, dog houses, pet waste, firewood, etc.

  • If there is a 90 degree turn, can we clear it? (The spa will not bend.)
  • No more than 3 consecutive stairs without a landing.
  • Move away any potting sheds, potted plants and yard paraphernalia.

If your spa has to be taken off the cart to go over a wall or barrier over 30 inches high, or because the entry area is too narrow, an eave is too low, a corner is too tight, or a stairway is too steep, a crane will be required. The use of a crane is necessary about 10% of the time. It is used to fit the spa into area where access is impossible and to avoid injury to delivery staff and/or damage to the spa or your property. In all deliveries, our paramount concerns are the health and physical safety of our crew and avoidance of damage to your home and landscaping.

Most crane deliveries use a truck-mounted boom which fits into a standard driveway. It is run by a licensed and insured operator. For the minimum charge (which varies), the operator will lift your spa over walls, buildings, or any other obstruction and place it as close to the installation site as possible. Olympic Hot Tub Company delivery staff will supervise the crane delivery and complete the spa installation.

Typically, crane deliveries take an average of 30 minutes to complete. Occasionally, if the distance or height is greater than the reach of a standard boom truck, a full-sized crane will be necessary. Your Olympic Hot Tub Company Sales Associate can help you determine which is required. If your spa delivery does require the use of a crane, you will be required to pay for its services directly to the crane company. Usually, there is a pre-delivery site inspection done by the crane company at which time a fixed bid is given.

Again, your Olympic Sales Associate will be happy to help you plan the details, and ensure your spa will find a safe and happy home.

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