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Olympic Hot Tub Valet Service

Trust your hot tub to Olympic Hot Tub’s professional VALET SERVICE, and rest easy knowing that your hot tub will be clean and ready whenever you want to use it.

It’s your choice.

We’ll take some -or all – of the work out of maintaining your hot tub or spa – all you have to do is enjoy it. Even though Hot Spring Spas are the easiest in the world to care for many owners want their spas professionally drained and cleaned.

Choose any of the services listed below or select one of our on-going valet packages.  Tired?  Busy? Save your valuable time and energy.  Have it done right with Olympic’s Valet Service.

We can:
* Drain and Refill including cleaning water lines, detailing your hot tub shell, cleaning and/or replacing filters, cleaning and conditioning your cover and pillows.
* Give a water care lesson for a new owner or for a refresher
* Do Spa Openings when you’re re-opening your spa in the spring
* Do Spa Closings when you’re going away for the winter
* Do A SilkBalnce Conversion to switch your spa to regular SilkBalance use.
* Provide complete Valet Maintenance: weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Valet services currently offered within Olympic Hot Tub sales and service territory for the following hot tub brands as of June 2016: Hot Spring, Limelight, Hot Spot, FreeFlow, Tiger River, Solana, Caldera, AquaTerra, LifeSmart, Fantasy, Dimension 1, Marquis, L.A. Spas, Cal Spa, Clearwater, Artesian, Beachcomber, Coast, & Master Spas.

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