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Tips for Installing a Hot Tub Indoors


Start with the right hot tub. Smaller models are usually the best for indoor use. We have a number of models from Hot Spring that are under 7’0” perfect for indoor settings. A key benefit of a Hot Spring Spa is its silence! With continuous filtration managed by Hot Spring’s SilentFlo Circulation Pump, you’ll never hear noise or feel floor vibrations when not in use. Reinforce the floor for the filled weight of the model you select, making sure to also include weight for the number of adults the tub can sit. A qualified builder or architect can help. Remember: be sure the hot tub is installed before any final walls or windows are completed.

Watch where you step. Select floor material with good traction and allow for proper drainage. Matte finish non-slip tile is ideal. Installing a floor drain for easy cleanup and for draining the tub should also be part of the plan.

Go with the flow. All hot tubs we sell at Olympic are portable and require no external plumbing. Still, you’ll want to be sure a hose bib is part of the room design to make filling your tub easy.

Drywall…yes, dry wall! The hot tub is equipped with a well-designed cover to help keep moisture in the tub, but plenty of condensation hits the air when the cover is off for soaks. The room where the hot tub is installed should have walls built with water-resistant dry wall made for bathrooms. Intact vapor barrier should also be used under the wall covering to prevent dry rot of studs and joists.

Please fan yourself. A powerful quiet vent fan gets the humidity out of the room fast without disturbing hot tub time. An HVAC contractor can make a good recommendation and install it correctly. They can spec the right size vent fan for the room and advise on placement. Consider one with a thermostat, humidistat, and timer.

More on the air. Minimize condensation with adequate heat. Enhance air circulation with a good ceiling fan.

Natural odor-free water care! We have always been proponents of natural water care. Hot Spring has developed outstanding salt systems and other automated water care to keep the chemicals and odors low and the health benefits high. You’ll enjoy the best water with every soak.

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