Welcome to water care freedom.
Welcome to SilkBalance

Olympic became the very first dealer in the U.S. to carry SilkBalance. I think thousands of our customers will agree it’s one of the best decisions we made!

The SilkBalance Difference

SilkBalance Plus is a proprietary formula designed to do exactly what the name implies:

The End Result?

You’ll use your tub more often, do less work, and ultimately increase your overall enjoyment. What could be better than that?

We have customers that have had to limit their hot tub use over time due to psoriasis and other skin conditions. Once they converted to SilkBalance, those issues dissipated, allowing them to get back to regular hot tubbing.

If you’ve had struggles with water care or have concerns about it as you think about owning a hot tub, SilkBalance will help those worries disappear! Works in harmony with many traditional water care products.

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