Spa Essentials Defoamer – 16 OZ

Spa Essentials Defoamer – 16 OZ


Prevent foam from forming in you spa with this effective defoamer. Made from a fast-working formula, the defoamer eliminates foam in mere moments. The defoamer works with various sanitizers for extra convenience and does not interfere with the pH level for a pleasant spa experience.

  • Fast-acting formulation quickly eliminates foam from your spa water
  • Easy to use
  • Works with most sanitizers without destabilizing the pH level
  • Pack of four offers ample stock

Maintain beautiful, clear spa water with this Spa Essentials 1 pt. Defoamer. This convenient and easy-to-use bottle quickly eliminates and prevents foaming in your hot tub water. The spa defoamer is ideal for use with most types of sanitizers and will not affect the pH level of your water.

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