Replacement GFCI for 110V Watkins Spas

Replacement GFCI for 110V Watkins Spas


Genuine factory replacement GFCI for all 110V Hot Spring, Limelight, Tiger River, and some Hot Spot spas. The GFCI is vital on all dedicated 110V cord-connected spas. It provides essential protection against electrical current leakage to ground, which can cause an electrical shock or, in extreme cases, death. The GFCI trips, shutting off the electrical current to your tub when it detects an electrical current leak. For this reason GFCI’s must always be properly installed and never be removed or altered. Never remove the GFCI to hardwire a 110V cord-connected spa to an outlet. Don’t risk electrical shock or worse!

This black version replaces the gray style previously used on tubs. Includes 1-year component warranty from Hot Spring Spas.

* Cord not included

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