Hot Tub Ozonator for Hot Spring Spas

Hot Tub Ozonator for Hot Spring Spas


Reduce the need for Chlorine and other chemicals by replacing your old, worn out ozonator or installing a new system!

Ozone works to clean your hot tub by injecting millions of tiny, highly concentrated ozone (O3) bubbles into the water. These ozone bubbles neutralize contaminants on contact for cleaner, clearer water & fewer chemicals.

Have you checked the ozone system in your hot tub lately? Most hot tubs built in the last 15 years have an ozone system installed. But, they don’t last forever.

Replace your ozone system every 2-4 years. If it’s not replaced, you’re losing the most important part of the sanitation system used to keep your hot tub clean & pure for bathing. Just because you see bubbles doesn’t mean it’s working!

This is a direct factory replacement for Hot Spring, Tiger River, Limelight, Hot Spot, and Freeflow spas.

  • Complete installation kit includes new tubing, injector, check valve, & clamps
  • High consistent ozone output
  • Flag terminals for easy installation on any circuit board

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