EverCare® Ozone System Cleaning Service

EverCare® Ozone System Cleaning Service


Part of Olympic Hot Tub’s EverCare® Service

Your hot tub’s ozone system is a critical part of keeping your tub clean and sanitized. Having a properly functioning ozone system also reduces the need for Chlorine in the tub. If it’s not working or if the flow of ozone is diminished then your water will not stay clean and clear without the use of more Chlorine.

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your hot tub ozone system at least once per year. Our ozone cleaning service makes it easy to keep up on this routine maintenance. We’ll come out inspect and test the ozone system and then clean the system per the manufacturer’s recommendations ensuring an adequate flow of ozone into the tub to reduce the need for Chlorine.

Once we receive your order, a member of our Service Center team will contact you to schedule your ozone cleaning appointment.

* This service is included with our one-time drain and refill service.

NOTE–This service is available only in Olympic’s service area in Washington State. If you’re unsure of this, please call our Service & Outlet Center before ordering.


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