Aqua Screen Pool and Spa Rapid Bacteria Test

Aqua Screen Pool and Spa Rapid Bacteria Test


An accurate and FUN way to make sure that your pool, spa, or other swimming water is safe, with an easy, 15-minute testing process.

  • THE MOST SENSITIVE & ACCURATE RAPID BACTERIA TEST IN THE WORLD: Our Next-Generation Rapid Bacteria Test has been lab validated to detect a wide range of waterborne bacteria at the level of 1,000 colony forming units (cfu) per milliliter of water.  Now you can get lab accuracy without the cost and the days of waiting, with just a handheld test strip.​

  • THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE: Don’t settle for knockoff test kit brands.  We manufacture >99% of the rapid bacteria test strips you can find on Amazon or any other website.  We can tell you from experience that most any orange/red bacteria test strip in a simple foil pouch or plastic clamshell container is an older generation of our product and less optimized than the AquaScreen Next-Generation Rapid Bacteria Test. ​

  • WIDE RANGE OF DANGEROUS BACTERIA QUICKLY DETECTED: This test kit quickly and accurately detects most any type of bacteria that could pose a threat to swimmers’ health.  This includes both coliform and non-coliform bacteria, such a E. coli, Shigella, Salmonella, Klebsiella, and many others.​

  • GET THE WHOLE FAMILY INVOLVED: Parents, children, teachers, and students around the world are all using AquaScreen to test swimming water for the presence of bacteria.  The AquaScreen Pool & Spa Rapid Bacteria Test kit makes a perfect project for young and upcoming scientists!​

  • MADE IN THE USA: AquaScreen is proudly researched, developed, and produced in the USA at our facility in Los Angeles.  Our company was founded on high quality at a low price – we create test kits to keep families safe and healthy.


(one 2-Pack Pouch)

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