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Sumner, WA Hot Tub Customer

6 Person Hot Tub

Comfort for Everyone

Look at this terrific Hot Spring Vanguard we recently installed on October 13th, 2021 for a customer in Sumner. We think it looks great! Would you be surprised to learn this tub is seven years old?? It’s true! Olympic prides itself on its ability to refurbish selected tubs we receive back when someone purchases a new tub. Those that meet our criteria to be renewed are diligently refreshed and sold as pre-owned units. Far better than buying second hand from someone who may not have taken the best care of a tub and taking chances on whether you’ll be investing your money wisely. All Olympic pre-owned tubs carry a limited warranty to give you additional peace of mind. They include standard delivery, water care products, and final install by one of our awesome Valet Team members. If you love the idea of a tub but don’t feel a new one is in the cards, our sales team can alert you when the right pre-owned model becomes available. You won’t regret it!



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