Welcome to the Wellness Generation

Welcome to the


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    Thanks to the best investment I've made in a long time
  • People Running
    I love Olympic Hot Tub Company!
  • Old Couple
    We absolutely love relaxing at night
  • Family bbq
    I am already sleeping so much better than I did before. It is the most relaxing part of my day!
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    This is my first hot tub, and will not be the last
  • Mom and Baby
    We absolutely love the therapeutic power of the jets
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Everyone in the World Today Is Identified by Generation....

Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, Millennials…the list will continue to grow. At Olympic Hot Tub, we think that our most important identifier should be how we strive to take care of ourselves every single day.

Everyone can be—and should be–part of the Wellness Generation.

Our company has been an advocate of better health and well-being for 40 years. Our line of Hot Spring Spas and Finnleo Saunas are renowned for their amazing benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Sauna Wellness

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From detoxing to reducing blood pressure, a sauna is a key tool in your pursuit of wellness.


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Organic foods, detox water, and the perfect snacks for your hot tub or sauna.

Welcome to the Wellness Generation

  • I am in touch with my body
  • I am committed to personal improvement and a healthier life
  • I strive to live pain free every day
  • I desire reconnection with family, friends and nature
  • I seek to enjoy a more fulfilling life
  • I am not defined by age—I’m defined by how I choose to live and embrace life
We are a unique tribe that transcends age and generational stereotypes. We reconnect with nature, family and ourselves. We hope that you’ll join Olympic Hot Tub’s family of over 30,000 that make up the Wellness Generation.

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