Water Conservation

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Water Conservation Saves You Money

When you purchase a Hot Spring Spa, you’re making a choice for water conservation. No other spa saves as much water. The advanced technology requires less draining and refilling than conventional spas, while maintaining water quality and clarity for you and your family.

A Hot Spring Spa uses less water than:

  • A bathtub: the typical 80-gallon bathtub, used twice a week for six months, would require ten (10!) times the water of our most popular spa, the Vanguard.
  • A jetted tub: a typical jetted and whirlpool tub, used twice a week for six months, would require sixteen (16!) times the water of the Vanguard.
  • Other spas: Hot Spring Spas’ exclusive water care features give you the option of draining once every 183 days – just twice a year – vs. a recommended draining once every 50 – 90 days for some brands – up to seven times a year. You’ll save 75% of the water while doing less maintenance. And, in most areas you can reuse the water by draining it to your lawn or flower garden!

Natural Water Care Alternatives Save Water

Hot Spring Spas feature environmentally-friendly water care systems that keep the water cleaner, longer.

  • Only Hot Spring Spas offer 100% no-bypass filtration, which means that all the water passes through the filter before it enters the spa.
  • Patented Tri-X® filter technology uses a three-dimensional surface area to maximize filtration power that can extend the time between cleanings.
  • A factory-installed FreshWater® III ozone system uses highly concentrated ozone bubbles to neutralize contaminants on contact, dramatically reducing the need for harsh chemicals to keep the water clean.
  • An optional FreshWater Ag+® continuous silver ion purifier provides the sanitation power of silver ions for a more natural alternative to water care, so you can limit your use of chlorine and/or other chemical sanitizers.
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