Top 5 Hot Tub Service Questions Answered



You’ve got problems. We’ve got solutions.

  1. No heat.

The most common reason your spa has no heat involves dirty filters. If they’re clogged, dirty or need replacing, the heater will shut off because it needs a constant flow of water to operate properly.

Test This

Remove the filters and give them a good cleaning. Even if they look clean, body oils and other small particles could be clogging them. Hose off the loose debris, spray on SeaKlear filter cleaner, let it work for 10 or 15 minutes, then hose it off. If the filters are more than two years old, replace them. For a complete explanation of the importance of filters in your hot tub, read “Hot Tub Filters Everything You Need to Know”.

If you still have no heat.

Hit the reset button if your tub has one, or turn off the power off for 10 or 15 minutes and see if heat returns when you turn it on.  If you still have no heat, you’ll need a service call. Call the service center for help 206 431-2876 or email services@olympichottub.com.


  1. Cloudy water.

Cloudy water indicates that the water does not have enough sanitizer or the ph, alkalinity or hardness is out of balance.

First test the water. Use a 4-n-1 Test strip to check the balance. Water that is out of balance can often become cloudy. If any of the ranges do not match the recommendations for your water care system, use the appropriate SeaKlear products to restore the correct range. Once brought back into balance, the water should clear on its own.

If the water is properly balanced, check for off color and/or musty smell. If you detect either, it’s likely low sanitizer caused by low ozone flow or not enough chlorine residual for chlorine and salt water hot tubs. To remedy: add 1oz of SeaKlear Spa Sanitizing granules. Run the jets for 45 minutes to an hour and rotate the jet selector lever(s) to make sure all of the jet lines are cleaned out. Turn off the jets and wait 10-15 minutes to let the water settle.

Reassess. There should be a noticeable difference. If not repeat the steps above.

Once the water appears significantly better, pull and clean your filters using the steps in #1 above.

If you’ve repeated this process more than twice and the water is still hazy, add an ounce or two of SeaKlear All Natural Clarifier and run the jets for 45 minutes to an hour. This will help trap ultra-fine particles in the filters which can then be rinsed out.

Once the water is clear, check your ozone system or output settings on your salt system to help prevent cloudy water in the future. Refer to our water care cards for weekly maintenance.

Step by Step Instructions For All Hot Tub Water Care Systems:

  • ACE salt water care,
  • Everfresh with SilkBalance
  • and Chlorine
  1. Should I drain the hot tub and leave it empty if I’m not going to be using it for a while?

Draining the hot tub is not recommended – in the winter you risk freeze damage, in the summer you risk biofilm buildup. Better to leave the tub full and running on its lowest setting, with plenty of chlorine to keep it sanitized while you’re not using it.

If you must drain the tub, vacuum as many lines as you can with a shop vac against the jets, drains, filter standpipes and leave the drain caps off. In the winter, place a light in the equipment compartment to keep the equipment from freezing.

  1. No bubbles from my ozonator.

If you don’t see any bubble, the air could be blocked somewhere along the line. That tubing should be cleaned once a year at least, and you might have to replace a check valve or tubing if a blockage has built up. Call for Service to fix this 206 431-2876 or services@olympichottub.com.

If you have bubbles but your water is still musty or cloudy, you may be getting air without ozone. The unit is designed to last two or three years. You can buy a simple 30-second test to check for ozone. The hot tub doesn’t require ozone, but if you don’t have it, you’ll need to add chemicals like chlorine more often and the water quality will not be easy to maintain. Without a working ozonator, you’ll have to work much harder to keep the water clear, clean and safe.

  1. Why do I need to drain and refill my spa every four months?

We recommend the four-month cycle in order to get rid of the old chemicals, called Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) that accumulate in your water over time. The chemicals stop working after a while, but they’re still in the water and make it harder to keep clean and clear. Don’t want to do it yourself? Use our Evercare Valet Service. 206 431-2876 or services@olympichottub.com

  1. Why should I use special chemicals in my spa?

First of all, it’s important to use water care products made for spas instead of the much stronger pool chemicals that can damage your hot tub and even make the water unsafe for bathing.

Among the choices for spa chemicals, remember – you get what you pay for. Cut-rate products from big-box stores might include more fillers and cheaper chemicals, making them much less of a bargain. They also are likely to be from a foreign country and made without the strict standards we have in the US.  We’re talking about water you bathe in.

Olympic Hot Tub recommends SeaKlear Spa Products and SilkBalance made with the highest-grade ingredients – so you can relax.

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