Olympic’s Exclusive 12-Step Sauna Delivery and Installation Service

                                                                                                                                                             Free sauna delivery and installation by Olympic Hot Tub in the Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, and Olympia areas.
Free Sauna Delivery and Installation*

Why Do it Yourself When Olympic’s 12-Step White Glove Service will do it for you!

  1. We call you to schedule a date for delivery and installation and arrange for morning or afternoon. We offer a “heads-up” call on the date to confirm the estimated time of arrival.
  2. Our skilled, friendly Delivery crew arrives within the scheduled time with all parts and tools necessary to install the sauna in a short time. The crew will call you if they are delayed for any reason.
  3. The crew enters your home shoeless or wears protective booties to preserve your floors and carpets. They make an assessment of your proposed site.
  4. The sauna parts are carefully carried in piece by piece to protect your walls and molding.
  5. You are encouraged to watch the assembly, film if you like (post on YouTube or Twitter). If you ever move and want to take your sauna with you, you’ll know how to disassemble and set it up again using our best practices. The crew might whistle or sing during the set up…unless you ask them not to. They love their jobs.
  6. All sauna packaging is removed in your driveway, garage or area where the sauna is to be installed.
  7. The crew sets the sauna up by putting the base in position, followed by the walls, benches, and top. All electrical connections are made (within the sauna).
  8. The stereo and or DVD player are installed and any accessories such as magazine racks, back rests, lights and remote are also put in place.
  9. One crew member explains the care and use of the sauna including stereo and DVD player.
  10. We do the clean up! All the packing materials are removed to the delivery van and the rest of the crew cleans up by checking the area for any debris.
  11. The crew member who has given you the care and use instruction asks for your signature to signify your approval of the installation.
  12. You receive a BIG THANK YOU for your business, a handshake and the crew is off to satisfy our next lucky customer.

Now turn it on and take a sauna!

* Free Delivery and installation on all infrared series and all Passport series of Finnleo Saunas. Electrical not included where a dedicated 120V line is required for larger infrared saunas and not included for any Passport, Custom, Infra-Sauna or Outdoor sauna.

See store for details.

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