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  • Home delivery saves you $16.32 off regular pricing** plus FREE SHIPPING! Part of Olympic Hot Tub’s EverCare Service.

Hot tub lovers rejoice! No more measuring powder to throw in the hot tub! Simply toss one Shock Gem in your water after each use…convenient & simple! (Note–Shock is the product used after each use when using the EverFresh System that utilizes the Silver Ion Cartridge & your tub’s ozone system.)

• Oxidizes organic contaminants like perspiration, hair products, dead skin, body lotions, perfumes and oils
• Minimizes or eliminates odors
• Helps reduce sanitizer demand
• Controls formation of chloramines
• Specially formulated and balanced to maintain pH
• Use in conjunction with an ozone system and our Silver Ion Cartridge for virtually chlorine free water care

To get started, simply choose your preferred shipping cycle from the drop down box. Your first two bottles will be charged and shipped upon placing your order with subsequent automatic shipments following the schedule you’ve selected.

Shipments are processed between the 1st and the 5th of the month.

You pay the reduced price for the Shock Gems plus tax (if applicable) anywhere to the continental USA & Alaska for as long as you own your spa. No shipping charges will be applied.

Participation in this program requires US Postal Service to the home delivery address or valid post office box.

**Price is for two bottles shipped and billed at each shipment – three times per year. Each bottle contains 40, 1oz Gems–good for about two months of hot tub soaking.

NOTE–This is a recurring shipment program. Be sure to select the correct shipment schedule for your needs. By ordering this product you agree to have the above marked product(s) shipped to your home on a recurring basis. The reduced price listed is only for home delivery program products. One-time shipments do not qualify for the reduced home delivery price. Shipping is FREE on all Evercare Home Delivery products. Home Delivery Service items require Olympic to keep a credit card on file to bill recurring shipments. An Olympic rep will contact you by phone to obtain this information.