SpaZazz Aromatherapy Crystals

SpaZazz Aromatherapy Crystals


Colorful fragrant Spazazz Aromatherapy Crystals set the mood, arouse emotion, and relax your state of mind. Whether it is romance, self-assurance, or peace of mind, the emotional benefits of aromatherapy are always desirable, so add a few capfuls of Spazazz Crystals to your bath, spa or hot tub. These fantastic fragrances will enhance your soaking experience, most definitely!

  • Safe for hot tubs, baths, & spas of all brands and models
  • Will not clog filters, motors, or jets
  • Will not affect sanitizers or pH level
  • Will not foam or bubble
  • Is safe for all spa surfaces
  • Made in USA

Pomegranate– No messy seeds!

Ocean Mist– Take a cruise!

Honey Mango– Escape to the tropics!

Eucalyptus Mint– Wake up call, cold fighter!

Verbena Lime Coconut– Out of this world!

Green Tea Peony– Wellbeing State of Mind!

Lavendar Palmarosa– Relax Your Senses!

Romance– Strawberries & Champagne!

Wild Fiesta– Sangria!


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