Everfresh System Essentials Pack


Everfresh System Essentials Pack

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Introducing the Everfresh System Essentials Kit for hot tubs, your all-in-one solution for effortless water care, now available at a discounted price. Designed to simplify your hot tub maintenance routine, this comprehensive kit includes everything you need to keep your water clean, clear, and inviting. Here’s what’s included in this essential bundle:

  • Silver Ion Cartridge – Harness the power of silver ions to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae in your hot tub water, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for relaxation.
  • Chlorine – Maintain proper sanitation levels in your hot tub with this essential sanitizer, eliminating harmful bacteria and contaminants to keep your water safe and healthy.
  • Shock Oxidizer – Banish organic contaminants and restore water clarity with this powerful oxidizer, rejuvenating your hot tub water for a fresh and inviting soak.
  • FreshWater 5-way Test Strips – Easily monitor essential water parameters such as pH, total alkalinity, and sanitizer levels with these convenient test strips, ensuring optimal water balance for a comfortable and enjoyable hot tub experience.

Experience the convenience and savings of the Everfresh System Essentials Kit, featuring everything you need to maintain your hot tub water with ease. Say goodbye to complicated maintenance routines and hello to effortless water care, all at a discounted price that makes relaxation even sweeter.

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