@Ease System Essentials Pack


@Ease System Essentials Pack

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Introducing the @Ease Essentials Pack for hot tubs, your ultimate 4-month essentials pack designed to simplify water care and save you money. This discounted bundle includes everything you need to maintain pristine water quality and optimal performance in your hot tub. Here’s what’s included in this convenient pack:

  • @Ease Starter kit for Hot Spot – Get your water care routine off to a great start with this comprehensive kit tailored specifically for Hot Spot hot tubs.
  • SmartChlor Cartridges (3) – Enjoy hassle-free chlorine maintenance with SmartChlor technology, ensuring consistent sanitization and reduced odors. Each cartridge lasts up to 1 month, totaling 4 months of coverage when used with the @Ease Starter kit.
  • @Ease Maintain 2 oz packages (3) – Keep your water balanced and clean with these specially formulated packets, designed to prevent buildup and maintain water clarity.
  • @Ease test strips – Easily monitor your water’s vital parameters to ensure it remains healthy and balanced.

Bundle and save with the @Ease Essentials Pack, your complete water care solution for your Hot Spot hot tubs. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the store and enjoy the convenience of having all your essentials in one package.

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