Clean & Perfect™, AP Waterline & Filter Cleaner


Clean & Perfect™, AP Waterline & Filter Cleaner

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The Perfect All Purpose Cleaner!

SMARTZyme™​ technology makes Clean & Perfect​ the perfect indoor/outdoor cleaner. It cleans even the toughest grease, dirt and grime with ease, yet won’t harm any hard surface. Removes grease, grime, soot, residue from mildew, waterline rings, leaf stains, and dead insects. Eliminates the strongest odors on contact even pet accidents. The uses are endless!

To use this product as a filter cleaner:

    • Turn tub power off and remove filters
    • Use spray nozzle on garden hose to remove surface debris and loose contaminants
    • Spray filter(s) with Clean & perfect, applying an even coat
    • Let filter sit for 20-30 minutes and then rinse until water runs clear with no suds
    • Re-install filters
    • Turn tub power back on

Note: Rubber (latex) or Nitrile Gloves should be worn when using this product.

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