Aqua Comb Filter Cleaning Tool


Aqua Comb Filter Cleaning Tool

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If you own or maintain a spa or hot tub, you know that keeping your filters clean is one of the most important keys to keeping it running in top shape. The Aqua Comb is specifically designed for deep cleaning the pleated cartridge filters used in most standard spas & hot tubs as well as larger swim spas. It uses a powerful, flat, 3” wide water spray with a pic-comb to get deep into the pleats and fully clean your spa & hot tub filters. When used with our filter wash tablets, the Aqua Comb makes cleaning spa and hot tub filters a breeze!

To use, simply pre-soak your filter using our convenient filter wash tablets to break down any organic contaminants in the filter, then use the Aqua Comb to gently separate the filter pleats allowing the high-pressure stream to fully rinse out any remaining material in the filter.

  • Hand-Held, Easy-to-use!
  • Attaches easily to any garden hose
  • 100% Made in the USA !
  • 100% Water tested before shipping
  • Made from high strength USA sourced plastics
  • For best results pair with a filter cartridge cleaner like our filter wash tablets.

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