We’re Committed to Our Customers’ Satisfaction

At Olympic Hot Tub Company, we not only pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of the hot tubs we carry, but on the people who provide our unparalleled customer service. As the oldest spa and hot tub company in the Northwest, we are credited with introducing hot tubs to the Puget Sound area.

And, we have had the same owners and management since our founding in August 1977. The reason for our business longevity? We think it’s because of our commitment to great service as reflected in the fact that our loyal customers generate 45% of our business by referring friends and neighbors to us.

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee gives the strongest consumer protection assurance in the hot tub industry.

After making wood hot tubs for our first five years in business, we’ve sold only one line of portable spas since 1982 – Hot Spring Spas. Our commitment to carrying only the best-made hot tubs and to providing superior customer service has earned us national recognition. Thanks to our loyal customers who have purchased 2,000 wood tubs and nearly 20,000 Hot Spring®, Limelight Hot Tubs®, Hot Spot® and Freeflow® Spas, there are more than 85,000 seats in our hot tubs in the Puget Sound area ready for hot tubbing every night of the year.

As we have grown, so has Hot Spring Spas the #1 selling hot tub worldwide with over 1,000,000 spas sold.

Celebrating 38 years 1977-2015



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