How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Infrared Sauna Experience

How To Get The Most Benefit
From Your Infrared Sauna Experience

Infrared saunas are an excellent source of relaxation and therapy

Many people are accustomed to traditional saunas and how to use them for maximum health benefits. Here are a few suggestions for using your infrared sauna to maximize your enjoyment and well-being.

  1. Infrared saunas should be turned on and allowed to heat to about 102 or 103 degrees before you enter the sauna room. Your body will heat up as the room temperature rises.
  2. Laying a towel on your bench will help keep the sauna wood clean and free from staining.
  3. Some users will take longer to sweat in an infrared sauna – don’t give up! Because infrared is designed to heat your body differently than a traditional sauna, you are in fact receiving the systemic benefits the minute you enter your infrared sauna.
  4. If your body is not used to an infrared sauna environment, it may take 2-3 weeks for you to condition your body to sweat during an infrared session. Once you go through this initial “ramp up” period, you will find your body heating up more quickly and sweating toxins at a more rapid pace.
  5. Remember – you are in fact in a sauna environment, even though there is no steam or extreme heat like a traditional sauna uses. Hydrating while in the sauna will help you detoxify, and allow you to remain in your infrared sauna longer. Sweating helps the body rid itself of excess sodium, drugs and some toxins, thereby reducing the workload of the liver. It also improves general circulation. The deeper penetration of an infrared sauna can cause you to sweat more than in a traditional sauna. Caution: if you have high blood pressure or heart problems check with your doctor before using.
  6. showerA typical infrared therapy session can last up to 30 minutes.
  7. Follow your sauna with a shower, rest and a glass of water.

To get the most of the sauna, you will need:

  • At least half an hour of uninterrupted time, preferably an hour or more, so you have ample time to relax
  • A large cotton towel to dry yourself
  • A loofah sponge or scrub brush to remove dead skin
  • Eucalyptus oil to scent the sauna


Nice to have ready:

  • A smaller cotton towel to sit on
  • A moisturizing lotion for after the sauna
  • A big Turkish cotton bathrobe to wear while cooling down