When smoke gets in the air, your infrared sauna can help

August 21, 2018 – Those of us living in the Northwest right now are experiencing the worst air quality I’ve ever known. I thought last summer’s smoke and ash-filled air was by far the worst thing to happen in my life save for the Mt. St. Helens eruption when I was a kid living in Fife. Yet it appears the fires raging in British Columbia and our state have made this summer’s air quality even worse.

I seem to have weathered this latest onslaught of smoke and ash much better than I did last summer—although I confess it’s now starting to affect me as well. This morning, I realized one of the reasons why I might be faring better this year: my infrared sauna.

At the beginning of the year I wrote a blog about some fire departments around the country using infrared saunas to help firefighters detox after fighting a blaze. The goal was to get them into the infrared sauna to help their body rid itself of the toxins they would be exposed to from the smoke during a fire.

It’s been hot this summer on top of the smoke issue, so I’ve not been using my infrared sauna daily as I normally do. This might be another reason why I’m starting to feel the effects of what’s out there in the atmosphere more. It was a wake-up call to myself this morning: regardless of the heat, that morning infrared sauna session is no doubt helping me sweat out the “ick” we’ve been exposed to in the air. I need to get myself back into using it every morning!

If you have an infrared sauna, make sure to get a session in daily until we’re through this onslaught of smoke and ash in the air. It could make a big difference in how you feel. And, if you’ve thought of an infrared sauna before but still haven’t committed to investing in one, this is yet another reason that a Finnleo Sauna should be part of your health and wellness routine!

We’re being told we might get some relief later this week. Until then, stay safe until we get through this current smoke exposure.


Don Riling

Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 20 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through hot water & sauna therapy.

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