Take yoga to the next level in your hot tub or sauna

April 27, 2018 -After nearly fourteen years, I recently moved to a new home right in the thick of the very urban Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle. It’s been quite novel being able to walk outside my door, and find everything conveniently there—grocery store, gym, lots of restaurants, UPS & FedEx shops and more.

Another thing that I noticed: the advent of yoga studios nearly everywhere I looked. As health & wellness continues more and more to be a priority for folks, it seems everyone is looking for new and dynamic ways to keep fit.

I guess you could make your way to one of these many yoga studios. But, did you know that a lot of people turn to their hot tubs and saunas to perform their yoga routines? It’s true! While yoga will help you achieve greater flexibility, strength and balance, taking a yoga session in your hot tub or sauna opens up even more opportunities to relieve stress and tension at the same time.

Hot tub yoga has a lot going for it. When you consider the fact that water helps support your weight, yoga positions are easier to maintain. The hot water penetrates your muscle tissue and joints, allowing you to achieve deeper stretches and minimize the chance for an accidental injury. And, of course, there’s nothing better than finishing your yoga with some meditation. What could be better than doing that while floating in a cocoon of water?

We’ve had a couple of customers who love the idea of hot Bikram yoga convert a space in their home to a custom designed sauna. Benches were featured that could be lowered out of the way, providing a nice open toasty space to perform all types of yoga positions. You’ll enjoy many of the same benefits you would with hot tub yoga, given that the heat and humidity will also afford your muscles and joints greater flexibility.

If you’re a yoga lover, consider getting a hot tub or sauna at home and give yourself a chance to experience this part of your fitness regimen in a whole new way. You’ll be thrilled with the way it will enhance your yoga life!

Don Riling

Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 20 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through hot water & sauna therapy.

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