How do you spell headache relief? SAUNA

HotTubNoiseMay 5, 2017 – How’s your head? If it hurts due to chronic tension-type headaches (CTTH) you may be able to find some relief in an unexpected way. So says a study published in February, 2015.

According to the Wellington Pain & Headache Clinic at the Southern Cross Hospital in Wellington, New Zealand, sauna bathing could help reduce the intensity of your headache pain.

The study was conducted with the help of folks who had a history of tension headaches fitting the criteria of the International Headache Society for CTTH. 37 patients were randomly selected to be in either of two groups. The “control group” members were counseled and educated on their condition, and the ways to treat it. Members of the “intervention group” were also given advice, but in addition they attended a sauna for eight weeks.

Using the (NPRS) numerical pain rating scale, sauna bathers were tracked to see if they experienced quantifiable pain reduction. In addition, depression & sleep disturbances were evaluated using the Beckman Disability Index (BDI), and the Headache Disability Index (HDI).

At its conclusion, the study revealed that the sauna bathers experienced significantly lower headache intensity than the other control group.  It appears that a simple, self-directed treatment for tension headaches, which results in less pain is…wait for it…sauna bathing!

This study was conducted using conventional saunas, but in our experience, customers with infrared saunas have experienced the same relief from headaches. The best results were achieved if the sauna session began when the symptoms first appeared. An added benefit of Finnleo Infrared Saunas is their Pure Infra™ technology, which produces the lowest EMR/EF emissions in the industry.

There are so many wonderful benefits to saunas including their recently discovered ability to ease the pain of tension headaches. Check out our complete line of Finnleo Saunas today!

Don Riling

Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 20 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through hot water & sauna therapy.

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