Flu bugs Fear Steam Saunas

February 17, 2017 –
Hangover“To everything there is a season” and during these winter months, colds and flu take center stage.

We’ve said it before, and it’s worth repeating this time of year: When flu is on the rampage in the Pacific Northwest, and the bug is especially ferocious, a sauna may help you to deal with this perplexing sickness.

Chilly weather is virus-friendly. That’s why colds and flu tend to flourish and occur more often in the winter.  But when you heat up your body’s core, it becomes inhospitable to viruses and they’re less likely to get established and cause illness.

A good sweat in a hot sauna helps flush harmful toxins and viruses from your body.  And studies show that using a sauna on a regular basis supports your body’s efforts to fight illness and fatigue by strengthening your natural immune system.

There are definite benefits to using an infrared sauna, but you might also want to give some thought to purchasing a traditional steam sauna. The temperatures in a steam sauna are higher, which makes it that much tougher for viruses to gain traction and establish themselves in your body. No fewer than 3-4 sessions a week, with the sauna heated to a minimum of 175-degrees, should be sufficient.

Ready for a pleasant surprise? Owning a steam sauna is not as expensive as you might think. (Especially when compared to season upon season of doctor visits, plus prescribed and over-the-counter meds!) The best value in a traditional steam sauna is our Finnleo Hallmark line. It’s simply the easiest sauna to own, with assembly in under an hour and plug-in simplicity on the smallest unit. Yet it offers upgrades usually found only in designer-type saunas that cost much more. Another popular collection is the Sisu Saunas featuring fine grained Nordic White Spruce. Sisu Saunas are light and well-ventilated with a subtle hint of Finnish forests.

Check out our entire line of Finnleo Hallmark Saunas and visit one of our showrooms to try a Finnleo Sauna out yourself. You’ll love the way it makes you feel—because it will make those cold and flu viruses so uncomfortable!

Have a healthy winter!

Don Riling

Author: Don Riling

Don Riling is the President of Olympic Hot Tub and has been an active member of the hot tub industry for over 20 years. As the company’s owner since 2016, he has continued Olympic’s legacy of promoting health & wellness through hot water & sauna therapy.

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