Floating Sauna to Rock Seattle

Lookout for the floating sauna be launched this summer on Lake Washington east of Husky stadium.

What’s behind this burst of creativity? goCstudio founders, Jon Gentry and Aimee O’Carroll, have been interested in floating structures since designing the ‘spirit pavilion‘ for an international ideas competition for the re-use of Seattle’s 520 floating bridge. Coupled with a love of saunas the two designers thought it would be interesting to propose a floating sauna for Seattle, a city surrounded by water.

The designers say the purpose of the sauna is to create a place of refuge for locals, to give them a new perspective on their city and provide a space to relax, reflect and reinvigorate out on the water. A journey is required in order to enjoy this floating refuge…you’ll have to kayak out to it to enjoy the view and the heat.

How will they keep it afloat? By using 28 floating barrels that will hold 55 gallons of water apiece. The sauna will be constructed atop a deck, which will feature an outdoor platform area. The sauna will use an eight-foot square area of the 8’ X 16’ deck.Sauna aromatherapy oils by Finnleo.

Alaskan Cedar will be used for the sauna itself, and will also include tiered seating, a cool-down hatch and a wood-burning stove. (Who’s going to haul all that wood?) Topping off the sauna will be a fenced roof deck accessed by an external ladder. There will even be a diving board for a plunge into the lake between sauna sessions!

According to O’Carroll, the sauna will most likely be classified as a boat by the US Coast guard and will be able to “drop anchor” for periods of time. When anchored, the plan is to orientate it to the south so as to catch the sun. Slot windows, meanwhile, will provide views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

goCstudio plans to raise the funds for the project via Kickstarter. The initial goal is $15,000, which should be enough for the sauna, dock and the stove. Construction will be done by the co-founders of the architecture firm—Aimee O’Carroll and Jon Gentry.

Once the project is completed, they hope to find a local partner to help run the sauna pavilion as a business.

Who’s game to kayak out to the Lake Washington Floating Sauna this summer?

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