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Finnelo Infrared sauna with woman reclining arrows show movement of heatHot News for Headache Sufferers

Sauna sessions can relieve stress-induced headache pain, researcher shows.

A New Zealand researcher has demonstrated that sauna sessions can ease the tension headaches that result from stress. Saunas, unlike pills which only mask pain, actually deal with the pain source. The heat of a sauna can have the same effect on body chemicals released by stress as a workout.

Giresh Kanji, who noticed that people in warmer climates get fewer headaches, devised an experiment for his Ph.D. thesis on chronic pain. Longtime daily headache sufferers who took three 20-minute saunas a week for two months reported that the intensity of their headache pain was reduced by more than 40 percent.

“If you look at the incidents of anxiety, depression, headaches and migraines, they are less in the tropical climates,” Kanji said. “That’s why saunas are adopted in colder countries and people do find them useful. The mechanics of their effectiveness have always been explained as getting rid of toxins through the skin, but you’re only losing salt and water.  What happens inside your body is the most important.”

About half the population suffers tension headaches occasionally, and some 4 percent suffer them chronically. As with exercise, the added heat can trigger headaches in some people. For them, an infrared sauna, which uses lower temperatures to generate the sweat, can avoid the problem while providing the benefit.

Sweating away your stress makes you feel better, physically as well as psychologically.  Since we don’t have a home in the tropics, a sauna can bring the healing tropical warmth into our home!

Thanks to Bronwyn Torrie and Fairfax, NZ News. 

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