Hot Tub Warranty Buyers Guide

Hot Tub Warranty Buyers Guide

 4 Questions to ask before you buy

How can you tell if you’re getting a hot tub with a warranty that really is a warranty and worth more than the paper it’s printed on? Ask these questions:

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1. Is the hot tub made by a public company?

After the Enron scandal in 2002, a piece of legislation called Sarbanes-Oxley, was passed for consumer protection that makes public companies accountable and more transparent.

Hot Spring Spas are the only hot tubs made by a public company, a division of MASCO- a Fortune 500 company.

Hot Spring Spas have funds in an escrow account to cover the warranty on each and every hot tub they make. No other hot tub on the market has this kind of warranty assurance- your guarantee of performance.

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2. Can I see the warranty and read it?

Take a look at Hot Spring’s unparalleled warranty. When shopping for a hot tub, ask the salesperson to show you a warranty that is this good. They usually can’t.

Hot Spring offers the best warranty in the industry:

7-year limited Surface/Structural Warranty.
5-year Component Warranty.
5-year No-Fault® Heater Warranty.
5-year “No Leak” Plumbing Warranty.
Five year Everwood Cabinet Warranty.

Note: Washington State limits the so-called Lifetime Warranty of any product is limited to 7 years.

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3. Who performs the warranty service?

Beware of third-party service. Unlike some hot tub dealers, at Olympic Hot Tub, we service what we sell. We’ll schedule an appointment at your home after one call or email to our Service Center. One of our factory-trained technicians will be there promptly.

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4. Will the warranty work be done at my home?

Did you know that some manufacturers require that you pay the freight (each way) because your hot tub will need to be serviced at their “factory”?

We have a fully-stocked parts department for all Hot Spring Spa models. Our Technicians service vans are fully stocked to enable them to fix your spa on the first trip the majority of the time when you request a repair call.

And, you can count on 100% warranty coverage for the life of the warranty with no hidden pro-rating. Our “Just Call Us Warranty Service” is the best in the business.