10 Things You Should Never Do To Your Hot Tub

Your hot tub treats you right. Don’t do it wrong.

Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid so your spa is always in great working order and ready for a soak whenever you are.

  1. Keep the ice away. Don’t leave your hot tub full with the power off, especially in winter. Frozen tub repair is expensive.  A Hot Spring Spa is engineered to run 24/7 at the lowest energy use of any spa. If you’re looking at a frozen spa right now, call our Service Center, (206) 431-2876 or services@olympichottub.com.
  1. Maintain the water. Don’t leave water in the tub unless you’re going to maintain it. Nasty water is much more work than draining. You can always hire our Valet Service. Call our Service Center, (206) 431-2876 or services@olympichottub.com to hire our Valet service or need water care advice..
  1. Lighten the lid. Don’t let your hot tub cover get so heavy that it can’t be lifted. That will raise your heating costs and damage the lifter. If your cover is too heavy to lift, you need a new one now!
  1. Wash while wet. Don’t take the filters out of the filter compartment and forget to clean them before they dry out. It’s too late then – you’ll need to buy a whole new set of filters. And, never run your spa without the filters in place.
  1. Clean on schedule. Don’t forget to clean your filters every 2-3 months, whether you’re using the tub or not. Replace them every 2-2½ years. Clean filters are a must to maintain clean water.
  1. Change the silver. Don’t forget to change your silver ion cartridge every 4 months to maintain maximum efficiency and clean water.
  1. Shower before soak. Don’t use the hot tub as a bathtub. Clean first. And never add bubble bath. No foam in the hot tub, please!
  1. Check the ozone Don’t forget to check your ozonator periodically to find out if it’s working.  Chances are an older ozone generator isn’t producing enough ozone for sanitation, even if you see bubbles from the ozone jet. Make sure now with an Ozone Detector.
  1. Keep out until clean. Don’t get into the hot tub if the water is green, has a musty smell, or is overflowing with foam. That means it’s not sanitary. Drain, refill, and follow the start-up procedure for adding water care products.
  1. No plastic wrap. Don’t ever cover your hot tub with clear plastic or enclose it in a plastic green house.  Plastic magnifies the sun’s rays and trap heat, which can cause the cover insulation to melt.