Spa Noise and How To Avoid It

Spa Noise and How To Avoid It Spa Noise and How To Avoid It mobile hero

Quiet hot tubs make good neighbors

Did you know that one of the biggest summertime complaints to city officials is hot tub noise? That’s right. Noise from a neighbor’s hot tub. If it’s annoying to neighbors, think how bad it is for the owners.

Shopping for a hot tub? Use your ears.

Ask to hear what the full tub sounds like when the heating and filtering mode is on. If the model is dry, that’s a sign the sound wouldn’t be pretty. And if you plan to put your tub on a deck or balcony, remember that a noisy pump sounds worse on a vibrating floor.

Don’t trust your ears? Add the Decibel Meter Pro app to your smart phone and use it when you shop.

Peace starts with a noise-free Hot Spring Spa

Hot Spring Spa is the only hot tub engineered for no noise from heating and filtering. You can put your tub on a deck or next to a window. It’s quiet and stress-free peace, so you can relax. So can your neighbor.

Come try one and hear the quiet for yourself.

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