Founders Event 2021 Pioneer Human Services

5th Annual

Founder's Event

It’s a wrap on our 5th annual Founder’s Event! We’re pleased to announce that we raised a total of $22,400 we are sending to Pioneer Human Services to continue their very important work in greater Puget Sound.

“Because of this outpouring support from Olympic Hot Tub’s Founder’s Event, individuals who are reentering the community will have access to the job training and housing support that they need to fulfill their potential. From all of us at Pioneer Human Services, your customers and staff have our sincerest gratitude.”
Karen Lee
CEO of Pioneer Human Services

We honor Olympic's founders every October by raising funds to give back to our communities

Alice Cunnihgam & Blair Osborn

Alice & Blair, both brilliant business people, were passionate about a number of worthwhile causes. They shared a concern about the ever-growing plight of hunger and homelessness in our region and they recognized the importance of giving back.

Hunger and homelessness often go hand-in-hand, and go to the very core of our ability to have a foundation on which to build a happy, healthy existence.

Shining a light and helping others

Close up of a young family enjoying breakfast

Pioneer Human Services empowers those coming out of incarceration and gives them a chance for change. By offering treatment, housing, training, and employment services, they help people turn their lives around and make better choices to live healthier. Thousands of people a year are positively impacted thanks to the services Pioneer offers to help those in need build better lives.

Close-up of young aboriginal students studying together outdoors in the sun in Australia.
Transition House

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