How to Buy the Right Infrared Sauna

Olympic Hot Tub’s
10 Hot Tips for Picking the Right Infrared Sauna ~ The First Time


Considering buying an infrared sauna? Don’t risk it on cut-rate products that cut corners. Here’s how to make the right choice the first time:

1. Wood in style. You want a sauna that looks good, feels good and lasts. That means comfortable seating, complementary doors and windows, custom molding, and furniture-grade, fine-grained tongue-and-groove wood throughout to avoid peeling. Vertical grain hemlock and western red cedar are best for lasting beauty. And make sure the wood is certified from a sustainable forest like every Finnleo sauna.

2. Healthy construction, healthy sauna. Glue construction is a sign of corner-cutting. The adhesive releases gases that make your sauna air unhealthy. Choose workmanship with tight-fitting joints and screws. For pure air, make sure the sauna is formaldehyde-free like every infrared sauna Finnleo makes.

3. Heat without hurt. You want the lowest possible dose of Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) and Electric Field (EF) radiation from your sauna. Finnleo’s Pure Infra™ is the only infrared sauna technology with tested radiation levels under 2 milligaus EMR, under 8 volts per meter EF .

4. Carbon is cooler than ceramic. Carbon infrared heat emitters give you quicker, softer, more even far-infrared heat, than the ceramic rods or coils in some panels. The room stays comfortable and unlike ceramic – you can even lean against the panels. Finnleo’s carbon panels emit warm radiant heat that penetrates deeply and produces more sweat than ceramic panels.

5. More is better. Most saunas come with heaters on the back panel, under the seat and on either side of the door in front of you. The best saunas have heaters on the sides as well. This wall-to-wall system sends heat evenly from every direction. The sauna heats up faster, which saves money as well. Finnleo’s exclusive Evenheat™ system makes sure every single part of you is warmed evenly—for added comfort and full body detoxification without the worry of excessive exposure to EMR and EF.

6. You’re in control. Finnleo Saunas come with an outside control panel for heat, time and lights. You want an inside panel, too, with easy-to-use digital controls that show set temperature, actual temperature, set time and remaining time as well as switches for internal and external lights and a color light therapy system. You’ll find easy to use controls- inside and outside- on every Finnleo Sauna.

7. Lighten up. Be sure your sauna comes with interior lights in case you want to read while you relax- top models usually come with exterior lights as well. A color light therapy system is a “must”. Equip your sauna for color light therapy to ease Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in our overcast Northwest winters. The color light therapy system is integral to all Finnleo saunas.

8. Play safe. Check to be sure the model you buy is ETL like Finnleo saunas and is listed as “a complete plug-in room” — for safety and reliability. No experience like experience. Taking a real Finnleo sauna session is the only way to tell which sauna is really for you. Find a local dealer — like Olympic — that will let you test-drive the model.

9. Peace of mind starts with purchase. Don’t worry about delivery, setup and installation — choose a local company that handles the chores for you promptly and professionally. They should handle the warranty work for you, too. Olympic offers free delivery and setup on most indoor models. Finnleo has the top warranty in the business — two years of on-site labor, five years of electrical warranty and a lifetime warranty on the carbon panel emitters. All that and Olympic Hot Tub’s Peace of Mind Guarantee, too. So you can relax.


Plus one: 11. Hot entertainment. Add a music system to your sauna for sights and sounds that can enhance your sense of calm, or add a TV so you can catch up on your favorite programs while you do good things for your health. Beats just sitting on the couch.

Take this checklist when you shop for your infrared sauna. Or save time and go straight to Olympic Hot Tub for a Finnleo Infrared Sauna with all the features you want!

Health Disclaimer: This article is not intended to give medical advice, education or treatment. This information is for general information purposes only and does not address individual circumstances or medical conditions. Always consult your doctor for medical advice. ©Olympic Hot Tub Company, Seattle, Washington, April 2015