July 28, 2009

It’s funny how almost every conversation in life turns to hot tubs. I had a great talk last week with my “coach” Jon Schallert of  DestinationBootCamps.  He has a mission: to strengthen small businesses and down towns nationwide by giving top business advice. He’s my hero!  As we talked I remarked that he had an upcoming interview with Henriette Anne Klauser, noted author from Edmunds, Washington.  He said that her books, especially “Write it Down Make it Happen” helped him start his business. He’s a real fan of hers and so am I. She has a suggestion for writer’s block in her book “Writing on Both Sides of the Brain” that in itself is very creative: sit by falling water. Not still water like a lake, but falling water.

Since most people can’t do that on a daily basis unless they live by a waterfall, what better place to cure writer’s block than sitting in a Hot Spring spa with a waterfall feature!

The BellaFontanaTM on a Hot Spring Aria spa, for example, use HydroOpticsTM to create three illuminated water arcs. The Soothing StreamTM water feature delivers a gentle flow of backlit water. And the Amur ® Waterfall feature is backlit with LED lighting for a stunning nighttime effect. By combining water features with the optional sound system and Luminescence light system, you’ll appeal to all your senses to create an enriched relaxation experience. These features also make a visual statement – turning your spa into a piece of functional art and your backyard into a tranquil oasis!

The art of relaxing is an important one for creativity. Soaking allows you the space to relax and ideas to bubble up.  The “Aha!” moment comes when are brains are least engaged in tasks, chores, daily work.  So use your hot tub to turn your hot tub into a creative space.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.