Grandee NXT shell

When a car company designs your hot tub…it can drive you happy!

July 14, 2017

Grandee NXT shellJuly 14, 2017 – “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” Winston Churchill

Change is good. And for a company to thrive, it’s absolutely necessary. Change in a hot tub’s design is not only good and necessary, it’s fun and exciting! Hot Spring figured that out, and in 2014 they changed their entire collection of Hot Spring Spas.  Being the world’s top-selling brand for years didn’t lull them into complacency. They were ready to challenge the norms of hot tub design. And they enlisted the help of Designworks, a BMW Group company, to do just that.

The outcome was spectacular.  Sales had never been this brisk. And the redesigned product line attained a new level for those seeking health, wellness, and modern design in their backyard oasis.

The folks at BMW weren’t satisfied with just a redesign…they developed three additional Hot Spring models…the NXT Collection. Their goal: create a hybrid edition based on some of Hot Spring’s best-selling models. The design enhancements included:

  • A base pan and substructure made out of polymer (wood free!)
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Architectural exterior corners
  • Exterior accent lighting

Inspired by the unbelievable success of the NXT Collection, two more models were introduced by Hot Spring for 2017…the Vanguard and Aria. Truth be told…they set our hearts aflutter at Olympic Hot Tub!

With a 7’ 3” footprint, and open seating to accommodate six, the Vanguard NXT is the ideal configuration for many customers. It is perfect for a couple who care to soak every day. Exquisitely roomy, but not overly so. Features include twin seats fitted with Hot Spring’s famous patented Moto-Massage DX, with two powerful jets that sweep up and down the length of your back. In addition, the Vanguard comes with the beautiful Bella Fontana water feature.

The Aria NXT has already made a name for itself, earning a Consumer Digest Best Buy award. Slip into an Aria NXT, and you’ll see why! It has the same footprint (7’3”) as the Vanguard NXT, and features a remarkable lounge with neck jets, a Moto-Massage DX jet, and calf and foot jets that feel like they’re caressing every inch of you at once. Can a body experience too much hot tub bliss? We think not!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but seeing the Vanguard NXT or Aria NXT in person will leave you near speechless! Drop by any one of our convenient Puget Sound showrooms to experience the NXT Collection of Hot Spring Spas today!