What’s Your Favorite Hot Tub Story?

December 19, 2013

Black & white catThere’s nothing like being naked and locked outside in the cold without a towel. That is, it’s terrible at the time, but funny later.

Olympic Hot Tub Hot Spring Spa owner, Sharon Maguire shared her funniest hot tub story with me:

A few years ago around Christmas time it was snowing slightly so we thought it was a great time to enjoy the snow while sitting in the hot tub. Our hot tub is outside protected from view, so we got in without a stitch on and enjoyed the snow and bubbles.

As our house had recently been robbed, we had started placing dowels in our doors and windows for extra security. As we got out of the tub we noticed our cat, Henry was playing with the dowel next to the door. Watching the dowel rolling ominously close to the door, we started gesturing wildly for him to get away from it. But, he thought we were playing. With one large paw, he batted the dowel back in place, locking us out of the house.

Both of us were horrified to realize that we not only had no clothes to put on, we didn’t even have a towel to wrap around us! It was still snowing and even if our neighbors were home, they had just moved in and we hadn’t met them yet. We really didn’t want to walk up to their door saying, “Hi, we’re your new neighbors,” in our current circumstances.”

Fortunately we were spared that indignity. Thanks to my husband’s quick thinking and an inhuman burst of adrenaline, he lifted the patio door off its tracks to get us into the house. Henry the cat sat watching our efforts with a bemused expression.

Since then, we’ve learned our lesson-never leave the dowel in Henry’s path and always have a back-up plan. (Editor’s note: Include a towel!!).

Thanks to Sharon for a chuckle.

And, yes, that’s happened to us. In our case no cat just silly me slamming the roof deck door shut as we walked out to our Hot Spring Spa. Blair (my husband and partner in Olympic Hot Tub) had to climb down a ladder to our front courtyard. (Doesn’t everyone have a ladder on their roof deck? We do now!).

Then he walked in the buff around the front of the house, down the outside steps to our lower level where we keep a spare key. Numb to the bone, he foraged for the key, let himself in the lower level door and came back up to the roof deck. The ladder is still on the deck and a towel is always a door stop!

What’s your favorite hot tub story? Please share it.

Happy Holidays!

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