What Are You Drinking in the Hot Tub? Ever Tried “Relaxation” Drinks?

December 15, 2011

What are you drinking in the hot tub?

Well! That’s a personal question, isn’t it?

I’m just wondering if anyone’s tried relaxation beverages (!) in the hot tub to deepen their experience. It’s the time of year when we’re all grasping at straws trying to find something to help us relax more quickly, more deeply.

The energy drink craze has created an offshoot of hip new sips. Sales of relaxation beverages, which contain herbal supplements, known for their soothing effects are increasing a market report shows.

Can you really sip your way to serenity or a better night’s sleep? Will sipping one of these drinks in the hot tub increase your relaxation?

Here are 2 drinks to consider if you’d like to find out what the buzz (I meant, calm!)  is all about:

  1. Dream Water. $20 for six at Drink Dream Water. This one comes with the biggest press. Many fans say they drink it before bed, sleep like a rock and wake up energized. That would be a miracle if true. Named best relaxation shot for 2011!
  2. Mini chill. $18. for six cans at Minichill. Feel more focused and less frazzled say fans of Minichill. It’s the energy drink opposite.

Sip Smart: Consume these drinks with caution especially in the hot tub. The hot water increases your circulation, which will make the effects felt more quickly. The combination of ingredients in these beverages may cause negative interactions and/or affect other supplements or meds you’re taking. Never mix these drinks with alcohol or use while pregnant. And, of course, save the alcohol for after hot tubbing.

If you try any of these or others while relaxing in your Hot Spring Spa from Olympic Hot Tub, share your thoughts. Let us know what you experiences were. Did you relax more quickly? Get a buzz-that is get zipped instead of relaxed? Did sipping a relaxation beverage add significantly to your relaxation experience?

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.


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