Weird & Wonderful Places For A Hot Tub

March 16, 2012

Everybody’s doing it! Putting a hot tub in strange & wonderful locations, that is. Here are three that caught my eye recently:


What do you think of when you think Peninsula Hotels? Chances are it’s some combination of luxury, business travel, and personalized service. The Terrace Suite at The Peninsula Bangkok has something else: a Hot Spring Spa Jetsetter model. Soak in this hot tub and you’ll have at least 180-degrees of the Bangkok metropolis at your feet.

The views are mind blowing. You’re close enough to the helipad to wave at anyone making a helicopter entrance.


A hot tub that is afloat on a lake (we do want a calm surface for this one) and where you can enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature  is an idea whose time has come.  Or, not!

Each hot tub boat comes complete with coolers, locked dry storage, water jets, running gear and safety equipment. They are subject to all US Coast Guard Standards, have had a complete marine survey, and are fully insured. They’re powered by electric in-board motors. The boat can accommodate up to six persons while underway, and eight hot tubers at dockside. It is powered by an almost silent electric motor at approximately 4 to 6 knots. No liquor on board and swimsuits are mandatory.

Bookmark Hot Tub Boats and remember that they plan to be operational by May 2012 for some luxurious fun in the near future. Boats for rent & boats for sale for your own private dock.  Personally we’re worried about the water care. How are they going to keep the water clean & safe??


An Ohio University student decided the best way to meet and mingle was by installing a hot tub his dorm room. And no surprise, it’s working.

“I leave my door open all the time when I’m in, and people will come over,” said Kevin Lenahan. “Some people I’ve never even met before with their swimming trunks and towels and they’ll jump on in, and that’s how you meet people.”

Ohio University officials have safety concerns, including the smell and the use of chemicals for maintenance.  (He’s obviously not using SilkBalance. That’s a bromine feeder floating in the water. No wonder it smells!).  They demanded that Lenahan remove the hot tub.  He’s fighting the order.

“As a matter of fact on the weekends, it’s so convenient for me. I just leave the door open and people I’ve never met before come wandering on in, and that’s how I meet people. It’s been very convenient in that regard,” Lenahan said.

What can I say? When you want to hot tub, you just gotta have one nearby to jump into!  Of the three, I’d take the one in Bangkok.  Sorry, Kevin, your dorm hot tub looks too funky for words.

Have you seen any weird & wonderful hot tub locations?  Do share with us.

RES EST SERVAS VOLUPTAS. Latin for pleasure is serious business.


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