friends in hot tub

Want to get closer to your kids? Share a hot tub!

September 6, 2017

September 5, 2017 – Kids today are busier than ever. Even though they seem to be closer at hand as school starts, all they’ve done is trade their summer fun for an ambitious fall schedule filled with school, homework, sports, and socializing.  Sure, you can reach out and touch them but how do you really stay in touch? What’s the secret to cutting through the busy-ness, and finding out what’s really going on in their world?

You need a plan? We have a plan! Schedule a weekly “hot tub date”. It’s a brilliant, yet simple strategy and it comes to us from our customers; parents who keep telling us how their hot tub has become a wonderful hub of togetherness that allows them to catch up with their kids and find out “What’s Up?”

Here’s a story to illustrate the roll a hot tub can play in healing a family relationship. Many years ago a single mom purchased one of our Hot Spring Prodigy spas.  The inspiration to buy the tub came from her 11-year old daughter.  Mother and daughter were drifting apart, and the opportunities to share time and conversation were becoming scarcer. The mom thought a hot tub would enable them to reconnect, and she was spot on. Fast forward a number of years, and the mom is back in our store for supplies and a conversation with her original salesperson.  She shared her gratitude with him for selling her the tub, and how significant the conversations had become with her daughter as a result. The relationship was healed, and the bonds were strengthened. Spending a mere 10 minutes of quiet time in the hot water became the perfect elixir to loosen them both up, and share their feelings.

If you’re missing what you’re missing in your relationship, how about scheduling a weekly hot tub date? You’ll not only create opportunities to reconnect with your kids, they’ll come to accept the hot tub as a way to de-stress, and help them cope with the burden of over activity many kids experience today.