The Smarter Spa-New Hot Spring App Keeps You In Touch With Your Hot Tub Remotely

March 10, 2015

ConnextionMarch 10, 20

New: the Smarter Spa from Hot Spring.

Hot Spring’s NEW Connextion™ keeps you in touch with your hot tub ~remotely.

A mobile app introduced by Hot Spring Spas empowers you and your hot tub dealer to keep in touch with your hot tub from anywhere at any time through your home wireless system. The subscription service provides real-time information about the tub’s functions and sends alerts to the dealer if an issue arises – providing more peace of mind whether your hot tub is in your back yard or far away at your vacation home.

With this hot new, Connextion, you can:

  • Lock the hot tub against unauthorized users.
  • Start the clean-up cycle.
  • Manage the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System.
  • Monitor the filter condition and the tub’s active features.
  • Adjust the water temperature so the spa is ready for a soak when you get home.

Your dealer can also keep up with the system, let you know when it needs service, and schedule and do the work even if you’re not at home.

For people who travel often or those who want to bring the joy of a Hot Spring spa to a vacation home, the Connextion system provides the ability to monitor the spa from thousands of miles away.

Installation is simple. Connect the home network adapter to the home’s router, and download the app. The Connextion™ app can be downloaded for free and is compatible with leading smartphones, including the Apple® iPad®, iPhone® and iPod® Touch, and Android™-enabled devices.

No matter how far away, keep your Connextion with your hot tub strong. So you can  relax. Another brilliant innovation from Hot Spring Spas-the only brand that’s sold over 1,000,000 hot tubs.

Find out more about Connextion from your nearest Olympic Hot Tub store.

Res severa est verum gaudium  “true pleasure is a serious business” – from the Roman author Seneca.

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