The Couple That Hot Tubs Together Stays Together

April 15, 2014


In honor of Couples Appreciation Month in April, we’d like to share what thousands of couples have told us they appreciate about how their hot tub helps their relationship stay warm, flowing, romantic and fun.

No, we’re not marriage counselors here at Olympic Hot Tub. But we do know that the hot tub is a great place to fulfill the key to marital bliss – a commitment to make each other happy.  And, that wisdom springs from 37 years in business and selling almost 20,000 hot tubs.

Yours, Mine and Ours

These days, both partners must give 100 percent to make a marriage work. The hot tub is a perfect resource because it’s something each of you can enjoy alone as well as something you enjoy together. It’s not selfish and self-centered to schedule alone time in the hot tub – it’s an opportunity to get centered and strengthened so you’ll be refreshed and relaxed when you’re with your partner. Schedule regular tub dates together, then surprise your spouse with romantic invitations to extra getaway soaks for special events, anniversaries like the day you met, or “just because.”

Speaking while soaking

Conversation is vital to a healthy, happy marriage. The hot tub gives you a soothing space away from it all for relaxed talk and focused listening. Husbands can enjoy hearing their wives’ feelings without distraction, interruption, or temptation to make a quick fix. Wives can look forward to this time when they enjoy his full attention. Stress doesn’t build up – it washes away.

Keep it in the hot tub

The water is a great place to pour out the secrets and confidences so vital for trust between couples. The understanding that what’s said in the hot tub stays in the hot tub encourages open and honest sharing. Tension and suspicion go down the drain, and life goes on clean and fresh.

Wave of friendship

You want your spouse to be your best friend, and you want to be theirs. That friendship includes loose, lighthearted fun, the kind you can have in the water when you’re close together and want to make a splash.

Time in the hot tub can enhance your communication, your intimacy, your trust, your romance and your fun, all without leaving home. You’ll feel yourself soaking up the love that makes your marriage stronger.

Inspired by the romance-building advice of Slade and Elena Hartwell,

Sanum per aqua as the Romans said it. Health through Water.

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