Olympic Hot Tub Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Hot Tubbing Can Be Cool

July 26, 2017

Olympic Hot Tub Frequently Asked QuestionsJuly 26, 2017 – Are you a summer hot tub shunner? You are not alone. Many of your ilk avoid their hot tubs during the heat of the summer. We do not judge, but we do wonder…”why”? If you commit to soaking during your active summer months, your achy muscles and joints will thank you. And believe it or not, you will put your body in a better place to cop some Z’s during those otherwise restless nights.

There are ways to enjoy all that hot tub fun you love—plus the benefits to body and soul—when Mr. Sun is ablaze. It may sound counterintuitive, but you can keep cool in a hot tub when the weather heats up! Check it out:

  • Make it cooler to be cool. Drop the temperature just a few degrees. That’s all it takes. Your body will notice the difference, and you’ll feel better equipped to handle the heat. At 100°, the water will feel refreshing and cool, yet you’ll still enjoy all the benefits of soaking in your hot tub.
  • Ease in. Ease out. When the temperature outside is roasty toasty, it’s best to ease into your tub slowly. That will allow your body to grow accustomed to the new water temperature without feeling woozy.
  • Drink Up! Staying hydrated is always important when you’re soaking, any time of the year. Be sure to drink plenty of water before, during, and after your soak. Our summer time choices for “soft” beverages besides water include: iced tea, lemonade, and San Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Sodas. Tasty! We are absolutely sure you can come up with a few of your own.
  • Another Way to Keep Cool. Fill a bowl with cool water, and add some lavender. Bring that with you to the hot tub along with a wash cloth. Create a cool compress for your forehead by dipping the wash cloth into the water. It smells good! It feels good! And it will help you to deal with the heat.

It’s summer time. Don’t let your hot tub spend the season alone. Why not make the most of it and all the healthy benefits it has to offer? Now go out there and enjoy those gorgeous, starry summer nights!