Squirrels in the Hot Tub, Oh My!

October 14, 2009

Squirrels in the hot tub? Hold on to your bird-feeders, everyone, because October is Squirrel Awareness Month! Whether you consider them pets or pest, it’s hard not to be aware of these fuzzy fiends who are most active right now collecting nuts for winter.
There is a truly mind-boggling amount of information on squirrels floating around out there. If you can’t get enough of these bushy-tailed creatures and want to educate yourself further, visit the October is Squirrel Awareness month site and you’ll find enough squirrel lore to keep you busy for a very long time.

How am I going to link squirrels and hot tub soaking? Easy! Read this story from Olympic Hot Tub Company customer, Larry Jacobson of Seattle:

“Squirrels know me as Mr. Peanuts for my generous (at least I think so) offerings of peanuts. One fine Sunday in October with the sun back lighting my large tulip tree, we settled into the spa with beers in hand to enjoy the beauty of blue skies, golden leaves, and crisp air. “Ahhh – just right”.

It wasn’t long before my furry peanut-eaters showed up for my usual offerings. The thought occurred to me that sometime we might have company in the spa. Just a thought. Suddenly, one squirrel began chasing another and in the middle of “uh oh”, the lead squirrel with the chaser in hot pursuit flew over the spa edge…and… into the spa! Squirrels have big eyes but I’ve never seen larger when they realized the spa cover wasn’t in place. “Splash…Splash”.

Squirrels aren’t good swimmers-something I learned then, and without being able to claw their way up the spa sides were goners unless Mr. Peanuts came to their rescue. I lifted the first one out while the other seemed to scuba dive (without the tanks) in the other direction. Yep, I got that one out, too, and two squirrels, drenched to the bone, scurried off to wherever they go leaving wet prints behind.

I have the usual chemicals, but no “Squirrel Down”.  Can you advise me Olympic Hot Tub Company?”

Uh, Larry…stop being so generous with the peanuts.

SANUM PER AQUA. Latin for Health through Water.